Cannabis Business Summit 2017 – Oakland, California Visit us in booth #716

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QuantumLeaf Solutions is a proud participant in the 2017 Cannabis Business Summit taking place from June 12-14 in Oakland, California.

Visit us in booth #716

Hosted in the epicenter of the cannabis movement, by the industry’s only national trade association, Cannabis Business Summit® & Expo prepares the cannabis industry with best practices and methods to:

  • Succeed in the ever-changing regulatory environment
  • Strengthen the cannabis community’s voice
  • Advocate for cannabis policy and reform at the national level

With a variety of workshops and networking available, this event is a great opportunity to learn from industry leaders and gain insights into a variety of best practices.

Of particular interest to cannabis growers, here is one of the available workshops:

Terroir Potential: Encourage Producers to Consider Genetics and the Environment in Pursuit of Chemotype

The challenge of delivering cannabis with predictable chemical characteristics and specific medical or recreational effects is at the cutting edge of the burgeoning industry. The plant chemotype that delivers these chemical characteristics is not a fixed character of a particular cannabis strain. Rather it is a trait that is influenced by the interaction between genetics and environment.

In other industries, most notably the wine industry, these interactions between genetics and environment as reflected in the quality and characteristics of the harvested product are described by the term terroir. In cannabis production, where the environment is controlled, the exciting prospect exists to determine and create the terroir and the resulting vernacular related to the medical and sensory outcomes.

This workshop will explore the potential to exploit the interaction between genetics and the environment with an emphasis on the contribution that horticultural media (soil) water & nutrients bring theenvironment.

Full information on the conference is available at

We hope to see you at the conference!

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