QuantumLeaf: The All-In-One Cannabis Business Software For Growers

What is Quantum Leaf Cannabis Software?

QuantumLeaf provides an all-in-one cannabis business management platform that completely removes the need for multiple software platforms and spreadsheets. Manage your entire grow operation from one place, at any time, and save time and resources as your business scales and grows. Our platform is the perfect fit for cannabis businesses looking to unlock their true potential sooner than later, and reach it in the long term — all while reliably hitting regulatory policies across the jurisdictional spectrum.

Quantum Leaf Cannabis Software Benefits and Advantages:

Harvest Strain-specific Data to Improve Yield Quality and Efficiency

Capture the data that matters the most for your returns — nutrient combinations, feeding and pruning schedules and more, per strain. Manage the factors that can help you recreate grows, and more importantly, increase revenue per yield.

Manage and Oversee Every Detail of Your Grow Operation from Anywhere

Access your workflows from any mobile device. Oversee tasks, manage financials, and log expenses from anywhere. Leverage the power of your mobile device so you don’t miss a step in your operations.

Maintain Compliance and Seed to Sale Tracking

QuantumLeaf integrates with the compliance regulation platforms of each legal state. Cloud-based cannabis business software provides the tracking tools needed to ensure regulatory compliance. Compliance is crucial for long-term success in this industry.

Proven Results. Decades of Implementation Experience.

Quantum Leaf is a cannabis business software for growers that helps growers:

  • Manage inventory operations and forecasting
  • Track and be fully compliant with seed-to-sale tracking
  • Monitor nutrients and growing costs
  • Forecast and make projections based on your data
  • Plan yield for profitable and quick-selling harvests
  • Safely store your data in the cloud or on-site

Go beyond mere compliance — gather richer data sets to improve your cannabis grow cycles. Make faster and better decisions for your business with QuantumLeaf.

Proven Results. Decades of Implementation Experience.

For larger grows that need business solutions and advanced resource planning for materials and teams, Acumatica is a right-fit ERP.  Quantum Leaf is an add-on that makes Acumatica work exceptionally well in the cannabis space. Get the tools your business needs to establish a reliable cost-per-grow metric in a real-world ERP that covers:

  • Real-time data on your operations
  • Financial & regulatory compliance
  • Risk mitigation
  • Core business process automation
  • Resource planning: people, products, and services

Acumatica ERP

Full function ERP for growing businesses! Flexible integration options available.

Cloud ERP, Delivered your Way

Reduce compliance timeframes, increase visibility & productivity.
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Easy to Implement

Online and easily accessible, improve your growery business visibility today

Find The Answers

Deployment stays simple with our pre-designed templates that ensure compliance.

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Ensure Government Compliance

Quantum Leaf enables seed-to-sale visibility & compliance for cannabis growing organizations

Take back your time!

Make sure you’re not losing valuable time trying to keep up with compliance obligations.
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Our Story

At Quantum Leaf, our cannabis management software is inspired by the needs of growers themselves. Our story began in 2016 when we partnered with Cultivar Farms to build the software for their grow facility. Like most other cultivators, they were using various spreadsheets and limited third-party tools to track their data.

Immediately we could see the problem: There was no software in the existing marketplace that offered the depth of data collection required to support the very specific needs of a cannabis cultivation facility.

In response, we set out to replace the multitude of spreadsheets with an all-in-one ERP software platform that was easier to use and catered directly to cultivators. Our unique system integrates cannabis cultivation software with the Acumatica ERP platform, allowing cultivators to harvest much more robust data sets than is possible with manual spreadsheets alone. Using our groundbreaking software, cultivators are now able to truly analyze grow cycles in order to constantly improve yields.

Oversee every detail of your grow operation in real time.


Oversee every detail of your grow operation in real time.