Decades of Experience Implementing Cannabis Software

Choosing the Right Cannabis Business Software is Only the Beginning; Proper Implementation is a Must

For managers and overseers, switching to a new cannabis business software platform can be a real pain. With such an extensive project, you need the proper guidance from an experienced team. Entire processes sometimes need to be put on hold while the platform gets integrated and the team gets familiar with yet another new tool.

With our team, you won’t experience any lapses or gaps in your operation. Instead, you’ll receive a seamless, pain-free transition into the next generation of cannabis management software. As we guide you through the process, we’re here to help answer your questions and identify areas you can improve upon.

Choose the Team with the Right Experience

Our team at Quantumleaf has strong experience not just developing the powerful tool we have, but also implementing it and guiding our clients through the transition process. Just as our tool covers every step from seed-to-sale, our team has you covered at every step, from initial discovery and problem identification, to setup, implementation, and beyond.

At Quantumleaf, all of our cannabis solutions were born organically out of real client needs. When we started Quantumleaf, we had to make sense of hundreds of spreadsheets and floating documents that clients had accumulated over the years. Our software was created with the specific intention of simplifying our client’s operations and getting them up and running as quickly as possible while maintaining seed-to-sale compliance for cannabis, hemp, and CBD regulations.

This means that we know the ins and outs of cultivation, processing, distribution and retail operations, and we understand what is needed to provide industry specific solutions. You can count on us for a quick and accurate implementation process. We have worked closely with industry leaders to assist in building a technical foundation to help their company grow and scale.

Created with ERP Integration and Implementation in Mind

Our cannabis software is designed to be fully integrated with Acumatica ERP solution. Acumatica is easily deployable in both the private or public clouds, and won’t disrupt your current operation’s framework. Ease of use is one of its shining points — you don’t need to spend unnecessary time or resources training your team to get up and running.

By partnering with Quantumleaf, you’re tapping into a team with over 25 years of experience in this fascinating and rapidly-growing cannabis space. We have extensive experience implementing ERP for cultivators, processors, distributors, and fully vertical operations. Our team is here to help your cannabis organization reach optimal growth, provide scalability that won’t limit you as you grow. We are ready to provide support and guidance in areas like:

Quantumleaf’s Cultivation module is Flexible and Built to Scale and Adapt

What good is it to implement new software, only to have to ditch your platform once it becomes outdated? We understand that all operations are not stagnant — they’re subject to constant improvement and evolution as operating procedures change and new cultivation technology develops.

With these challenges in mind, we’ve built our product from the inside out to maximize flexibility and adaptation. As new technology emerges, you’ll be able to integrate seamlessly with the latest technology systems. Rather than struggling to connect new tools, you’ll be able to capture the power of any new seed to sale developments and work with them directly through our solution.

Take the Quantumleaf into Greater Growth and Revenue

Most importantly, you’ll be prepared for the biggest challenge of them all — growth. As your business scales, the Quantumleaf platform will be right there supporting your operations and providing everything you need to reach and exceed your business aims.

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