Cannabis Point of Sale Overview (POS)

Cannabis Point of Sale Overview ReportThe business model for cannabis retailers and suppliers continues to mature. With ample technology options available, it is important to review how modern point of sale techniques apply to the legal cannabis industry and how technologies like Cannabis Management Software can improve your business processes, margins, and customer retention.  It is critical that your business management software be able to keep up with the complexity of state compliance regulations for cannabis related sellers.

The editors at MRR, the Marijuana Retail Report, have compiled this in-depth overview of the importance of Point of Sale and Business Management ERP software technology in the cannabis industry and a review of some of the platforms available on the market designed to help cannabis retailers succeed.

What’s inside this interactive report?

  • Inventory Management
  • Enhancing the sales experience through ecommerce
  • Increase productivity through integration & automation
  • Customer management & retention
  • Knowing your customer – targeted sales & education
  • Reducing human errors
  • Stay ahead of the market
  • & much more.
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