Who We Are

Quantumleaf Solutions is a software and services provider specializing in the Cannabis and Hemp industries. With decades of experience leading ERP and software implementations, as well as standalone module and software design, Quantumleaf provides a clear understanding of the most cost effective ways to help our customers grow in an efficient manner.

A Word From The Founder

Jonathan Jaffe - Quantum Leaf Solutions LLC

Hi there. I’m Jonathan Jaffe, the co-founder and CEO of Quantumleaf, the Cannabis Management Software Solutions. Thanks for checking in on us, and we appreciate the chance to show you just how much working with us will help your company’s trajectory.

First and foremost, Quantumleaf was founded by growers, for growers; but we don’t stop there we drive the entire supply chain from seed to sale and beyond with data analytics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that help you make quick and decisive business decisions. Growing up, my friends often described my family – and especially parents –as “Bohemian,” with a firm knowledge of and passion for cannabis surrounding many of my memories (many of those funny) as a kid. You could say that, while many life stories with cannabis begin as a curious young adult, my parents educated me firsthand from the start. This holistic, analytical view of cannabis instilled in me the foundations of Quantumleaf’s origin.

Two watershed events during my college years lead to Quantumleaf’s birth: My crystallized interest in logistics and operations management, and meeting my future wife, Alyssa. She introduced me to Barry Kripitzer, my soon-to-be father-in-law (and Quantumleaf founding partner), who at the time had 20 plus years’ experience in ERP software. He offered me a job in his company, Chiptech Solutions, and we haven’t looked back since.

Before long, we were meeting with a cannabis consulting company in Seattle, seeing firsthand the many ways Big Data could help fledgling growing operations keep track of all their in-house metrics – to comply with local laws, and analyze and decide on all sorts of business strategy. Using my experience in operations, supply chain management, and cannabis, I convinced Barry we have everything it takes to help growing facilities take a quantum leap forward in managing their resources, assets, and visions. And so, Quantumleaf was born.

From the start, we made sure Quantumleaf was designed to fit into cannabis production as a seedling does its earth. It’s more than just compliance, it’s designed to give cannabis organizations visibility of their entire operation helping you:

  • make decisions based on true cost-per-plant, all while simplifying tracking with an easy-to-use interface
  • experiment and hone in on best practices by keeping track of exactly what goes into every batch and what optimizes yields per strain.
  • schedule and oversee an entire operation, from assigning day-to-day tasks to knowing what will be ready, and when, for forecasting sales
  • equip you with the ERP tools to collect the sorts of detailed insight crucial to scaling your business, no matter your goal
  • all while capturing every penny during your operations lifecycle and provide a fully functional finance operation to control costs and margins

You’ve come this far; and have committed yourself to a business steeped in passion and an exciting future. By working with us, you’ll quickly see we share this passion with you, and open your company to the sorts of opportunities cannabis organizations desire and dream about. Let us help you take that next Big Leap, with Quantumleaf.

-Jonathan Jaffe

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