Quantum Leaf Solutions is a software and services provider optimized for the agriculture industry. With decades of experience leading ERP and software implementation, as well as standalone module and software design, Quantum Leaf provides a clear understanding of the most cost effective ways to help our customers grow in an efficient manner.

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A Word From The Founder

Jonathan Jaffe - Quantum Leaf Solutions LLCFirst and foremost, Quantum Leaf was founded by growers, for growers. From the start, I was ocean grown through and through, raised on the water by parents that always had cannabis as part of their lives. It was only as I grew older that I began to understand just how large a part Cannabis played in my family’s life. In a way, my parents gave me the lens that opened my eyes (and, eventually, the door) to our growing industry. Quantum Leaf ’s origins can be traced from here.

In college, I studied business with a prehealth specialty with the aspirations of being a doctor. Though I continued this path towards med school I remained drawn to the business world, as my classes taught me more about logistics and operations management. Ultimately, following my graduation, Barry –my wife Alyssa’s father– offered me a “temporary” job at his company Chiptech, an ERP software reseller, while I continued my med school applications. But that “temporary job” threw me back into my business ambition, giving me a firsthand introduction to business development and strategy. Before long, I had decided to make my temporary step a permanent one.

As all this was going on, the industry was starting to take off. Everything about it kept drawing me in: the medical/scientific side where my studies originated, to the true logistics behind it in what my passion was growing in. I began to realize a clear connection between Chiptech’s work with manufacturing and distribution companies, and what we could be doing to help producers and growers. Fatefully, it was ultimately my parents that helped bring these ideas together with the connections they had. They helped us meet Calyx Kings, a Seattle-based cannabis consulting firm. Together, we soon realized that our experience in operations and supply chain management, combined with Calyx’s expertise in cannabis, gave us everything it took to help growers take a quantum leap forward in managing their resources, assets, and visions.
Quantum Leaf was born.

From the start, we designed our software with the flexibility to fit into cannabis production as a seedling would its earth. More than just compliance, Quantum Leaf is designed to give growers a unique birds eye view of your entire operation, helping you:

  • Develop strategies based on true cost-per-plant, with an intuitive interface for simplified tracking.
  • Develop better growing practices by tracking exactly what goes into every batch, optimizing yield per strain.
  • Schedule and oversee an entire operation, from day-to-day tasks to preparing inventory and sales forecasts.
  • Provide ERP tools to collect the detailed insight crucial to scaling your business, no matter your goal.

You’ve come this far. Committed to a business steeped in passion and an exciting future, you are ready to tap into your potential. By working with us, you’ll quickly see we share this passion with you, and offer your company a door to realizing the sorts of potential growers from all walks of life dream of. Let us help you take that next Big Leap, with Quantum Leaf.

-Jonathan Jaffe