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Cannabis Management Software

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Quantum Leaf is a cannabis management software solution that enables your business to grow, both literally and figuratively. With a strong eye towards government compliance, our cloud based application provides real-time data across your growery organization.

With traditional business management features like robust inventory control, supply ordering, collaboration, and task management, combined with custom dashboards and powerful analytics, you can enable your operation to run at greater efficiency as you grow.

Track and Manage from Seed to Sale

Seed to Sale tracking is at the center of many regulations facing the cannabis industry. Quantum Leaf provides the tracking mechanisms to help ensure compliance with cannabis regulations, yet remains easy for anyone to learn and use. With real time inventory management and tracking, with a direct interface to sales order generation & accounting, Quantum Leaf provides a single solution for your entire growing operation. Automated resupply ordering helps save time and makes sure you have the supplies you need to meet your grow schedule. With customizable dashboards, barcode/RFID ready support, and tasks that can be assigned to individuals, groups, rooms/gardens, or by batch, Quantum Leaf gives you the flexibility to manage your business with familiar processes and better tracking.


Going beyond just compliance

The QuantumAI Grow Coach enables advanced, strain-specific recommendations including nutrients, timing and environmental condition information for peak grow performance. With a strain-specific recipe database, you can effectively manage baseline standards for future grows, improving overall product quality and consistency. Automatic scheduling for tasks along with a robust notification and alert system helps ensure your users are on-task and on-time.

Easy integration options

With full integration to the Acumatica ERP platform, Quantum Leaf is leveraging years of technology advances in an easy to use and deploy system. Looking to keep using your current financial package, but still want to leverage the direct benefits of Quantum Leaf for the operational side of your growery business? ¬†That’s perfectly fine, we integrate with a number of leading financial systems, including QuickBooks.

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